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Brand Introduction
    Only Simei business goals: 1, committed to advocate low carbon life; 2, is committed to create the corporate brand image; 3, is committed to reflect in the full range of advanced productive forces; 4, is committed to pilot smallpox ceiling industry high-end industrial development;
    Enterprise concept: 1, management advanced; 2, internal control, 3, sales breakthrough; 4, technology leadership; 5, the quality of excellence; 6, the service is excellent; 7, the ranks first; 8, brand;
    Only Simei spirit of enterprise: 1, truth-seeking and pragmatic; 2, unity, hard work; 3, Yong Tam, responsibility; 4, initiative, cooperation; 5, bold and innovative;
    Enterprise quality: with professional technology, to create excellent quality, with professional services to meet customer needs.
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